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Thank you for having me!



As you may have noticed over the past few weeks, the blog has been subtly changing hands! Scribbly Roo, our delightful illustration expert, will be stepping in as I head off to Boston to do some studying and teaching at Boston University’s writing program.

It’s been a fascinating experience to work with all of you, to judge the wonderful entries of our recent short story contest, to review your books. By far the most interesting part of it all has been getting to know you writers and reading your work. I’ve read such a variety of styles, situations, genres, voices and it has shown me how uplifting it can be to expose oneself to new things with an open mind.

So keep writing, everyone! As Kurt Vonnegut wrote once – “It’s the emptiest and yet the fullest of all human messages: ‘Good-bye.'”



You’ve been voting in your swarms this week and have named the winner of the first Towerbabel Short Story Contest as…

 COREN GRAVES for his story, “Forever.”

Congratulations, Coren!

A close second place prize goes to MICHELLE MEDHAT for her story “Whispers in the Autumn Wind.”

Thank you to all our shortlisted writers and all the writers that entered for your concise, stylish stories.

AND STAY TUNED – for more contests of various lengths and themes and formats coming soon…

The 3 New Features to Connect Writers with Readers

Yes we heard you. We have not reached out for a long time but we did not just hang around and let you forget about us.  The team has been making progress quietly (maybe a bit too quiet :p).  There are many things we want to achieve while we are a small team with limited resource.   We are very focus and there is only one goal – “Create a Social Publishing Platform for Writers to Connect with Readers”.  Here are the top 3  features we are offering to aspiring writers to connect with their readers:


little improvements here and there

We have been working really hard in the past few months to make Towerbabel better.  Everyone in the team has been really enthusiastic since the launch of our site and we are always full of ideas and suggestions in order to provide better user experience to our users.

We have more than a hundred items on our ever expanding enhancement lists (not including our development priorities).  There have been numerous discussions among our developers, UX design and marketing team to prioritize our enhancements.  We investigated the user behavior from our users and understand what they want by researching the statistics of all links in our site to make sure we are doing the right thing on every single page.  We make sure our site takes the right balance in usability, performance, clarity, simplicity and productivity.

We are glad to announce that we have added a few nice features and small enhancements on our site.  Below are the highlights:

1. Feature Tour

Just one click on the Take A Tour button on the homepage will bring you to a tour to understand the various functions  where users could enjoy when they are reading or writing on Towerbabel.

tour button

2. Towerbabel Chat

We know you love to communicate.  We have enabled Towerbabel Chat again with a new design so that you can chat with your friends while you are stuck when writing your book or want to share a quote immediately with others.  Just click the plus sign will let your add your friends to the contact list.  Don’t forget to register and login as our member in order to chat.

chat window

3. No of reads

We have added a little badge to each book and show the no of reads on the Library page and the Book page.  If you would like to know the most popular books on the site, the Popular Books are always showing on the Library page as well as the Homepage.



4. Search

Search has always been the most important function in our site.  95% of our users will search on the site.  Our search will now look for keywords in the book title, book description, author name and member name from Towerbabel which makes it so much easier for our users to discover contents on the site.   And if your keyword matches with the book title or the author  name, we will bring you directly to the respective book page or author profile page which save you another click.




Are you happy with the updates?  Please give us comments so that we can do better for you.