The 3 New Features to Connect Writers with Readers

Yes we heard you. We have not reached out for a long time but we did not just hang around and let you forget about us.  The team has been making progress quietly (maybe a bit too quiet :p).  There are many things we want to achieve while we are a small team with limited resource.   We are very focus and there is only one goal – “Create a Social Publishing Platform for Writers to Connect with Readers”.  Here are the top 3  features we are offering to aspiring writers to connect with their readers:

1) FREE Quality Book Review

The challenge for many independent authors, especially first time aspiring writer is the lack of feedback they get on their works. We all know that the only way to improve your writing skill is to keep writing, learn and re-write in the process.  As part of our strategic plan to grow with our authors, our Editor Georgina Parfitt is now providing free book review to selected books on Towerbabel. An excerpt of the review will also be posted on Goodreads. See what authors say about our reviews:


“Georgina Parfitt over at has produced a wonderful review of Summons…. I call the review wonderful because it is helpful to my writing. The praise for my strengths boosts my confidence, and the criticisms are helpful.”
– Johnny Eaton, Author of SUMMONS: Book One of The Panachrest


“The review is great and extremely helpful for book 2 in the series.”
– Sabine Atkins, Author of THE HURT CIRCUIT

Interested? Follow these 7 steps to get a FREE Quality review for your book!


2) Run Giveaways Campaign 

Want to run a giveaways campaign by releasing the entire book free on the site for a limited time and share to your followers?  We have everything you need to.  You can add or remove chapters anytime after you publish.  All under your control.  See below how authors use Towerbabel to promote their books creatively:


3) Better Reading Experience

We want to bring you the best reading experience online like no one did before.  After months of research, brainstorming and testing, instead of just tweaking here and there for marginal improvements, we decided to rebuild the whole backend architecture from scratch.  The results?
  • Loading a Book on Towerbabel is Now 50% Faster
    Being faster can never go wrong.
  • Swiping Through Pages instead of Scrolling
    We believe reading online should be as intuitive as reading a real physical book. We made swiping the default reading mode so that you won’t . If you like scrolling, you can always change it back by clicking the up-down arrow button at the top menu while you are reading.
  • Auto Bookmark
    The long awaited auto bookmark is now enabled in all books.  You don’t need to worry about where did you finish last time.  Just log on and tap the book on your reading list will bring you back to the last paragraph.

Pick a book and you won’t be disappointed.


Which feature have you tried so far and loved? It’d be awesome to hear your feedback in the comments and continue the conversation there.

Anthony Chan

Product Manager at Towerbabel. Follow me on Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “The 3 New Features to Connect Writers with Readers
  1. Richard Wolanski

    These are some great updates Ant!

    Lots of authors are going to appreciate the free reviews! Thank you for the shout out. TB is really making a lot of fast progress. Can’t wait to share my next novel later this year.


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